Michelle has worked with Hayfield and Living Space Housing to deliver bespoke sessions focusing on empathetic leadership and resilience when faced with the challenges of change, loss and Bereavement.

Michelle skilfully explained and illustrated the loss curve and emotions we may face when we find ourselves in these situations. She provided advice on signs to look out for if colleagues are struggling and how we can help support one another in the workplace.

Michelle has the ability to build rapport quickly and put people at ease which is especially important when dealing with these topics. She has a wealth of experience which gives breadth and depth to her sessions.

Feedback received from her sessions was excellent and the information and resources provided invaluable.

Michelle is a highly experienced trainer and coach whose agile style enables her is to provide expert advice and support on a one to one basis and to groups.

Hayfield and Living Space have a bespoke well-being programme and I am delighted that Michelle has played a key part in this and look forward to working with her again.

Sara Hope MCIPD

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle when she was a senior manager in palliative care. Michelle has a real passion and drive to educate others so that they are working in a safe and evidence based work environment. With decades of experience in oncology and palliative care, any clients would be extremely well supported in gaining a unique and individualised service. Michelle is an advocate for others and actively supports and encourages equality, diversity and inclusion in the work place. If you want a reliable, experienced and organised service then you will struggle to find anyone offering a better service for you than Michelle.

Abby Pearson RN

'Excellent management style and people skills'!

Having worked with Michelle whilst she was Head of Clinical Services, she has restored my faith that senior management can indeed be both approachable and understanding, whilst maintaining a professional manner.

Her positive and friendly attitude to ALL levels of staff made us feel both empowered and supported in our varying roles in the workplace.

April Ford