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A unique 10 week programme for individuals navigating loss, grief and bereavement


A 10 week course supporting you to navigate loss.

Are you struggling to find a way forward after experiencing a loss? Join this 10 week programme to start finding your new way forward.

This programme will help you understand that your loss is an end of a chapter and not the closure of a book. Your story will continue.

We experience loss in so many ways. Pre and post bereavement, ending of a relationship, loss of health, empty nest syndrome, stillbirth and miscarriage, pet bereavement and rehoming to name but a few.

This programme will support you to explore your reaction to the loss, to begin to make sense of it and to explore what the future might look like.

What’s included?

  • 1.5hr dedicated support time for the first 8 weeks (virtual or face to face depending on your location) exploring your loss using a blend of methods.

  • 2 weeks self-led learning with a final 2 hours review on week 10 and a co-produced plan for next steps and longer-term self-management.

  • A workbook to take you through the 10 weeks measuring progress. This workbook will become part of your longer-term toolkit.

What will I leave with?

A long-term plan to help you begin to move forward from your loss and continue your story.

What is the cost?

The cost for the 10 week programme is £800.

This can be paid in full when booking or, by placing a £200 deposit at the time of booking with 4 further payments of £150 on week 2,4,6,


Is this for me?

To achieve the best outcomes, it is recommended that the loss experienced should have been at least 12 weeks before starting the programme.  

Can I get my money back?

If at the end of the first 1.5hr session, you feel that the programme isn’t something you want to move forward with, you will be entitled to a full refund.

If you decide not to continue before week 5 you will required to have paid 50% of the course fee (£400)

If you decide not to continue after week 5, the full course fee will still be required.

What if I am unable to make one of the 8 week slots?

Please speak to your programme facilitator at the earliest opportunity to discuss this in more detail. We understand people have holidays booked, appointments scheduled before the programme is booked etc.

Are there any clients you would not work with?

We do not start the programme for those in the early weeks of their loss.

Those with currently poorly controlled mental health illnesses will need to seek consent from their GP before enrolling.

What happens when I sign up?

You will be assigned a facilitator who will work with you throughout the programme and they will arrange a call with you once the programme booking has been completed.

During this call you will arrange the best times for your weekly programme session and they will share an overview of the programme and share the workbook with you.



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